What You'll Learn

  • Learn to make storyboards and business drawings for your presentations on various business scenarios like project viability, meetings, training, goal setting, brain storming and more.

  • To present your content in simple visual format and thinkining in metaphors instead of obvious icons.

  • Draw any object and icon with simple geometrical shapes. Draw people in business postures using simple rules which you will never forget

  • Methodology to develop your own visual vocabulary in the context of your domain of work.

  • Use storyboard templates and fill it with your own content and present it.

  • Learn what is visual thinking, what are the forms of visual thinking you can use at work and how to learn this skill.

  • My storyboard formula GDTCM to ideate your storyboard from scratch.

  • Learn basics of business drawing which can also be used for visual facilitation, sketch notes and graphic recording.

  • Using color patterns while making storyboards. Drawing text and speech bubbles to show interaction between people.

  • Learning visual hierarchy because what you are drawing needs to communicate the idea and not just be looking beautiful. Different kinds of storyboard formats like Poster, List, Process, Time, Comparision, Roadmaps and more.

Course curriculum


  • No experience of previous drawing required. Not even if you have not drawn a single line ever.

  • Around 30-35 A4 sheets, A black sketch pen (2 mm ) and a very light color highlighter.

  • Your Promise to practice this skill even after the course.

  • Willingness to up skilling yourself.


Are You A Manager, Trainer or Entrepreneur and wish to make your communication more VISUAL ?

Then my Visual Storyboarding Course will help you acquire Business Drawing Skills which you will be able to use in Training and Facilitation, Process Visualization, Flip Chart Presentations, Story Boarding and Visual Co-Creation Sessions.

You will learn the ART of Professional STORY BOARDING using QUICK BUSINESS DRAWINGS and METAPHORS


Pierre Mille

Director Plan and Deliver, Friesland Campina, The Netherlands

I certainly did learn a new set of skills: I never knew I could be drawing, let alone expressing my thinking with doodles. What a revelation! Also what a great day of fun- Piyuesh’s energy is contagious. His drawing skills a match to his teaching ability. I can only recommend this workshop as an effective team building and training day ! Pierre Mille, Director Plan and Deliver, Friesland Campina, The Netherlands

Kristel Lammers

Program Manager Plan and Deliver Transformational Consumer Dairy at Friesland Campina, The Netherlands

The workshop was a lot of fun and showed a new way of communication. A lot of time to practice during the workshop and closing off with posters for direct business use. Now the challenge for us to adapt this way of communication and use it in daily practice. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm Piyuesh.

Melanie van der Storm

Innovation Manager, Amsterdam

Highly energetic trainer. Fun and super practical. He will give lots of examples and there are plenty of exercises to practice. Looking forward to upgrade my workshops with more visuals and communicate better with my audience